Community Primary School Alubeleke  and Umuezeoka Central School is located between two villages in the state of Ebonyi. Around 500 children from different villages attend the school. The situation in the classrooms is awful: several classes in one room, extremely hot, very limited equipment, broken walls and roofs. The school complex consists of 3 buildings, which will be refurbished over time. In addition we modernize the school kitchen, establish water supply and toilets and equip the classrooms.


The school buildings are in very poor condition with limited options for an adequate instruction. There are no classroom ceilings under the roofs to block the heat waves from the sun. Classrooms are usually very hot, noisy and unbearable for students. Some of the classrooms are roofless and the walls are falling apart. There are no toilets, neither water supply nor special teaching rooms. Teachers often have to teach 3-4 classes in one room. It is difficult to motivate teachers and students.


A comprehensive but gradual renovation of the school is required. Walls and roofs have partly to be replaced, floors to be tiled and in some big halls it is necessary to install walls to separate classrooms and build sanitary facilities. Contemporary equipment will help students to improve their studies and create an atmosphere where learning is fun. These measures are the prerequisite for a positive development of the children, for a successful start into professional life and a better future.

Long-Term Impact

With better education, children are ready to compete on the job market and can find employment. There are multinational companies in Nigeria, but without a good education the opportunities are limited. They can work for Governmental institutions and help develop the country. With a reasonable education some of the students can become entrepreneurs, creating jobs for themselves and others. Some of them could work as effective farmers, helping to solve the problem of food shortage in the country.