Period poverty is a global issue defined as “inadequate access to menstrual hygiene tools and education,” which can include a lack of menstrual products, proper washing facilities or waste management.
Sanitation first works to break this vicious circle of poverty and inequality by building toilets that give girls the privacy in which to change, providing hygienic and sanitary products and educating both students and teachers about menstrual health.

Faith Clinic Foundation will help 5,000 girls and women in overcoming the social barriers associated with menstruation. By providing them with the right information, products and facilities, we will ensure an equal opportunity for girls across India whilst contributing to reach 4 key Global Sustainable Development Goals



These girls face: Fear and shame caused by cultural myths/taboos and lack of information, lack of funds to source proper sanitary products, defaulting to unhygienic alternatives, lack of privacy by being forced to share toilets with boys, gynecological issues and infections which can lead to early death and early marriages and pregnancies.


Our strategy will be three fold: 1. Educating – develop workshops to educate girls (from 11 to 20) on biology and hygiene best practices, provide counseling sessions and distribute informative booklets 2. Providing – distribute sanitary products and build new toilet facilities for girls 3. Engaging – engage family members, schools and specialists to increase outreach

Long-Term Impact

In our targeted areas, we hope to be able to: decrease school drop out rate from girls, decrease use of unhygienic alternatives, increase access to affordable sanitary products, increase number of toilet facilities, specifically with separation for girls, increase knowledge and awareness on menstrual hygiene, decrease level of exclusion and feelings of shame/fear for girls